Sunday, September 13, 2009

The real reason for this blog

What do y'all think about this? As of right now - 1242pm, mountain daylight time, on 3 Sept., 2009, this is an original email. It isn't being forwarded from some unknown source. I wrote it and am sending it to my friends and family.

I'm thinking we need to clean house in our government. I mean, get every incumbent out of office. Every, stinkin' one of them, whether Democrat, Republican or Independent, liberal, moderate, or conservative, left, right or middle. Just nuke the government, from the city level to the federal legislature.

Won't that mean getting rid of some good ones, too? Yup. All two or three of 'em. The point we need to make, right now, is not about what we judge good or bad, but that the government answers to us, the voters. There are very few innocent parties in government, anyway, and those that are decent will be welcome to come back later. In fact, it might be a good idea to do the same thing again in two years.

How can we get all sides to agree to this? That's why I say just get rid of everybody. The point, again, is not so much with whom they are replaced, but that we kick their miserable behinds out of office. If you want to replace a Democrat with another Democrat, or a Republican with another Republican, that's fine. Remember, we aren't trying make a point of what we want right now. This is a show of pure, brute power, to let all who would run for office that they are dealing with some highly incensed voters.

The instant we start picking and choosing, whether based on party or quality, the whole thing will instantly disintegrate into the kind of mindless bickering that got us here, in the first place. I'll give up all of my incumbents if you'll give up all of yours. Mine are demonstrably as despicable as yours, anyway. I'd like to replace them with candidates I like, but at this point, the main necessity is to show them who's boss.

Can you imagine the impact on people with entrenched power - those who have been in office for 15 to 30 years - of suddenly finding themselves sitting on the curb with their suitcases at their feet? I honestly believe that, if We, the People of the United States, (neat turn of phrase, that!) can pull this off, we will be rewarded with a government that is VASTLY more responsible and responsive.

What do you think? I'd like to ask that this be forwarded as much as possible. If there's any merit to it, at all, it will be accepted and forwarded again. If not, it will be trashed and forgotten.

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  1. A dear friend replied to this proposal with an expression of concern that we'd end up with chaos. Here's how I answered that.

    You are right that a total turnover of our government could lead to a degree of chaos. However, remember that at one time - the very first time - everyone in the government was brand new in their offices. We have this amazing manual for how to keep things orderly. Of course, it's called, The Constitution of the United States.

    I can see only two alternatives to something like what I'm proposing here. The first is that the current pattern continues until the Republic is bankrupt, financially and morally. Whoever happens to be in the seat of power at the moment of final collapse will keep ruling with absolute power and tyranny. Our means of resisting will be insignificant, both physically and intellectually. Physically because we'll have been disarmed, and intellectually because of the insurmountable effects of almost 100 years of Progressive de-education.

    The second alternative is that the fury that boils beneath the surface of this country will detonate into a convulsion of the most unspeakable violence and mayhem. As the fury spends itself and the targets of it become fewer and fewer, at some point, there will be some bold and most likely unscrupulous individual to take the seat of power. It is likely he will be the person who has the biggest army (ie, gang) in the right place at the right time. He may or may not be a decent and moral person. He may or may not attempt to return us to the Constitution, but in any case, we will have lost so very many priceless lives and active, passionate, committed minds. I fear the ultimate end may be the same as in the first case, but with an ocean of blood in its wake.

    We have very little time, and maybe only this one chance to avoid either of those to alternatives. If we waste this chance by getting involved in picking and choosing, and the endless wrangling and bickering that will unavoidably arise, the time will pass, and we'll be headed down one path or the other. Given that arguing usually inflames and enrages, I fear the second path.

    Make no mistake, my dear and gentle friend, there are in this nation, as I write this, people and organizations who are preparing for war. Not a war of protocol and legislative maneuver, but a war of fire and bullets and lynching. It is popular to believe that the impetus toward this war is coming entirely from one side - the side generally identified as "the right," or "conservatism" - rednecks with their pickups and hunting rifles. Nothing could be further from the truth - although there are certainly instances where the popular concept is accurate enough. Men and women in the shadows of both sides of the present contention are quietly setting in place factors with which they plan to guarantee early, sudden victory for their positions. Violent victory.

    History shows us a few lessons in this sort of situation. I would refer to your attention the Reichstag fire, in Germany, and a certain radio station on the German-Polish border. In fact, some very intelligent men of my acquaintance fully expected the Oklahoma City bombing to become America's Reichstag. That it didn't is powerful testimony of the essential goodness of the American people and the majestic power of our Constitution.