Saturday, September 12, 2009

Health care - the current issue

LETTER TO ALL three of my congressvermin, plus Obama 17 AUG 09

I have a very serious question that occurred to me in the context of national health care, but I believe has far wider implications to the relationship between the American people and their government.

Could you please show me where in the Constitution the national government is given authority to send a man with a gun to take money from my neighbor, (and please do not be so disingenuous as to claim the IRS is not a lot of men with guns) give me a few pennies on the dollar of my neighbor’s money, and keep the rest to pay the wages of the guys with the guns.

I have searched the US Constitution over and over, but can’t find that. Could you please point out to me what I’m missing?


  1. Here is a letter I got from Obama's staff, a few days after sending the letter in the previous comment.

    Dear Friend, Our latest Reality Check video features Vice President Joe Biden addressing the biggest whopper of all: that our health insurance system works just fine and Americans don’t care about reform. Nothing could be further from the truth. So we’re trying something new. You can help the Vice President debunk this myth by uploading your own video on why reform matters to you. This is an opportunity for Americans of all backgrounds and situations to make the case for reform in your own words.

    Watch the Vice President’s video and then respond with your own: Need some help? We also have a new online quiz to help set the record straight about health insurance reform. Find out what’s in reform for somebody like you by answering a few questions.

    What does reform mean if you already have insurance? What if you don’t? What does it mean if you’re young? If you’re a senior? If you have children?

    Take the quiz and then share it — simple tools like this are a great way to cut through the noise and get the facts about reform:

    Thank you, Nancy-Ann DeParle Director, White House Office of Health Reform

  2. So I took the silly quiz - a list of yes/no questions - hit submit, and was treated to a list of the ways that destroying capitalism and turning doctors into serfs would be good for me.

    Then, just for grins, I did the quiz again, reversing all my responses. Here's what came back. Look at the number of places the government is going to force companies or individuals to do things that are against their best interests!

    Here's What You Will Get Out of Health Insurance Reform
    Look over the answers, then tell Vice President Biden what's most important about reform to you.


    Reform will bring down costs generally and make insurance more affordable and accessible, ensuring more choices for quality coverage

    Reform will establish an insurance exchange that will provide easy one-stop shopping to compare rates and services and promote competition

    Reform will offer tax credits and assistance to families, and to small businesses so they can offer competitive, affordable rates to their employees

    Reform will end discrimination based on gender - a healthy 22 year old female can be charged premiums 150% higher than a healthy 22 year old male under the status quo

    Reform puts a cap on what insurance companies can force you to pay in out of pocket expenses, co-pays and deductibles

    Reform will eliminate discrimination based on pre-existing conditions or medical history

    Reform will prevent insurance companies from placing annual or lifetime caps on the coverage you receive

    Reform will require insurance companies to renew any policy as long as the policyholder pays their premium in full