Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lower costs, my foot!

The current flap about “controlling health care costs” baffles me on several points. Here’s one. The government is talking about health care insurance, and paying all these medical bills.

Hmmm, says I.

Let’s say I were buying a loaf of bread, and the storeowner wanted $100 for it. I’m filled with despair because I have about five bucks, and I’m hungry. Along comes this tall, good-looking black fellow in a really sharp suit, and he says, “I’ll tell you what. I’ll take some money from this fund I have here, and I’ll pay the other $95.”

“Great,” says I, and out I go with the bread. But later, I hear the black fellow say on TV that he has lowered the cost of bread.

Like bloody hell, he did! If anything, he guaranteed bread will ALWAYS cost at LEAST a hundred bucks a loaf! He didn’t lower the price; he just paid what the jerk in the store was asking. You don’t seriously think the store owner, having tasted blood, and knowing where he can get more, will ever actually lower his price, do you?

But then comes the really aggravating part. I gets to thinking, “I wonder where that fund he mentioned came from?

And then it hits me; that fund was taken from me, in the first place! That crooked sonofabitch took my money – and a lot more than the $95 he paid for the bread – and invested it in a guaranteed level of inflation that would choke a Weimar banker, and then had the unmitigated gall to brag to me that he’d lowered the cost of my bread! He didn’t lower a flippin thing! All he did was make sure the cost would never come below $100, and took from me the money I might have used to pay for the bread, in the first place.

Let’s break this down a little more. The government has passed laws and allowed – nay, encouraged and mandated – practices that have caused medical costs to go through the roof. Now, rather than actually doing anything to reduce those costs, they are going to rob me, my children, and every future generation of Americans in order to pay the costs they have created. And, of course, pay themselves a handsome wage for their hard work.

Ah, Fascist America! Ya gotta love it!

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