Friday, November 6, 2009

They're all Demopublicans

(I deleted it before getting it copied here, but on 5 Nov, I got a 5-line reply from the RNC that said, “Thank you for playing. Better luck next time.”)

To the RNC, 23 Oct., 09

I have been registered as a Republican since the early '70's, when I started voting. That is about to end. I am very near the point of renouncing my membership in the GOP and registering as an independent, even though that will keep me from voting in primary elections in New Mexico.

"... a decent respect for the opinions of Mankind..." Oh, wait. You have forgotten the man who wrote that, or what the words meant, or what the document meant.

The GOP has become a mockery of what it was supposed to be. It no longer stands for individual liberty, for capitalism, for decency or liberty or peace through strength. It has taken a stand against all those things. It has put up candidates like John McCain, who was such a fascist collaborator that if he'd been in Italy in 1944, he'd have been paraded naked through the streets of Rome. John McCain is the one man most responsible for Barack Obama being in the White House. Had McCain run a campaign based on the principles of individual liberty, he'd have been swept into office like no other candidate in history. As it was, we were faced with the choice of Obama or Obama Lite. I spit on John McCain. As for his military record, remember that Adolph Hitler had an Iron Cross from WWI, and they didn't give those things out like candy!

Since the election, you have virtually shunned and castigated Sara Palin, who, though less than perfect as a candidate, excited and moved conservatives in America more than anyone since Ronald Reagan. And a lot of the people who were raving the praises of Sara Palin didn't particularly care of Ronald Regan because he was anything BUT a free-market capitalist. In so doing, you have explicitly said you want to truck with the likes of me, a Marine veteran, working man, good father, deeply Christian, committed to liberty and the rights of the individual human being.

In short, the Republican National Committee has consistently done everything in its power to turn its back on those of us who love our liberty, our country, the quality of life we have been given by free men and women... in short, the Republican Party has come to stand for all I hold despicable in politics, not by being different from the Democrats, but by being identical to them.

I don't want your apologist, middle-of-the-road, compromise-with-the-devil, gutless, bedwetting candidates. I want someone who will stand up to these unrepentant fascist sonsofbitches running this country and say, "That's enough, you fascists sonsofbitches!"

The only thing we should be "reaching across the aisle" with is a right fist swung from the hip pockets - or a bayonet.

I'd like to know what the leadership of the party has to say about this letter. I'd like to know if anyone up there has the guts to reply to it.

Sic Semper Tyrannis,

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