Friday, November 6, 2009

More reason to throw the bums out.

Check out this old video:

This video is very interesting. I'd seen it before, but had forgotten about it until I got from Uncle George a few days ago. It does not, as the text implies, refer to anything Obama's government is doing. If you look at the ticker along the bottom, it was made when oil had reach an all-time high of $3-something, which dates it about two years ago. The issues it mentions, like the DREAM act and others, have been shelved for a while, although there's no doubt they are still very much a part of the liberal/fascist dream.

The video talks about some really terrible, stupid, destructive legislation. My vocabulary - even my sergeant vocabulary - is utterly inadequate to describe how awful this stuff is. Good ol' Lou did a great job in bringing it out, too!

But here's the crucial point for us today: this stuff was the product of a government at least partially controlled by Republicans! GW was in the White House, and he never spoke up against it. The entire legislature, including John McCain, were totally sold out to it. Even after the American people reared up on their hind legs and raised enough hell to make them drop it for the time, none of them, including Republicans, ever denounced it or repented of their effort to pass it. Many of those Republicans are still in office.

How can we ever hope to alter our nation's drift toward fascism if we allow men and women like that to remain in office? Their capacity to do us harm is limited only by the Democrat's unwillingness to let them into the circle of power. That sounds crazy, doesn't it? That we are blessed by the fact that the Democrats are such narrow-minded cretins they can't recognize the enormous power resting within their reach. If they could break down their own bigotry enough to work with the Republicans who tried to jam this sewage down our throats, there is no way the Constitution could stand up to them. We'd be lost, and all our children's children would wonder if the legends of liberty were just urban myth.

We need to clean house, completely. We need to vote out every incumbent in the government, from the White House to the dog catcher. Those who make up "the government" must be made to know that, first, they work for us, and second, that we can and will put their sorry backsides on the streets! The only way to tame the beast of fascism that thrives in the guts of our government is with a draconian, wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling sweep.

Yes, we'll probably throw out a few good ones, and I know there are a few good ones. But it's like a gangrenous leg; you have to take some healthy tissue to save the life of the body. If they are good, we can let them back in. They'll come back to a government that has been cleansed and reshaped and redefined in the model of our constitution, and won't that be a happy day!

Democrats and Republicans can work together on this. It can cross all ideological lines. It will define those who are irreversably our enemies, because they will fight against this. It's not a bad thing to know who your enemies are. The moment we start thinking, "But he's one of ours," this effort is doomed. We have to look our Democrat friends in the eye and say, "You get rid of all yours, and I''ll get rid of all mine." It won't matter if we put more Democrats back in there. I'm not talking about changing the demographic makeup of the government, though that would be pretty sweet! I'm talking about giving everyone in the government such a terrific slap up 'side the head they'll never forget it.

That last point bears emphasizing and repeating. It's okay if we replace Democrat with Democrat and Republican with Republican. The objective is to clear out the entire edifice of government so that whoever or whatever fills the void will have a very fresh, clear vision of an electoral massacre of shattering proportions. They will know who the boss is.

Personally, I could live with a Democratic legislator or bureaucrat who knows his place in the world. It would be a lot easier than living with a Republican in the same office who looks down his nose at me and believes in his heart of hearts that he has been sent to control all aspects of my life.

Watch this video, but don't let it make you rail against the Obama government, because this bill wasn't one of theirs. It was the product and the pet of many who are in the government now, and are telling us they are our friends, and that they stand for us because of that little "R" by their names in the paper. Let's get rid of 'em. Every last, stinkin', lyin', depraved one of 'em.

If you think this has merit, pass it along.

Sic Semper Tyrannis,

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