Friday, August 30, 2013


Hey, Liberals.  Your position is that raising the minimum wage to $15.00 will not mandate an increase in prices or lead to layoffs, right?  Of course I'm right.  Even if Bush did lie about WMD's.  Go with me for a minute.  You say employers can raise their employee's wages by more than 100% in some places, and they will NOT have to raise prices or lay off workers. 

Well, aren't you a bunch of miserable, skinflint pikers!  If we can just magically raise the wage to $15/hour without it affecting the bottom line, why not raise it to $100/hour?  Hell, if the money isn't coming from anywhere, anyway, why should we limit the wage to a niggardly 15 bucks an hour?  Seriously!  What’s so significant about $15/hour?  Is that what YOU decided other people need to live?  Who died and left you omniscient?  If we say $6/hour is adequate, what makes us automatically wrong and you right?  Are we bastards because our number is lower than yours?    Who says 15 has more moral authority than 6?

Well, how about this:  We say raise the minimum wage to $100/hour!  There!  Now YOU’RE the bastards! I’m serious.  If the money isn’t coming out of income, why not reach for the stars?  Hell’s fire, why not a grand an hour? 

Oh, wait!  I hear you saying that the evil rich employers have lots and lots of money, and they need to share.  May I propose that even vile, evil employers are human beings, and by your stated ideal that all human beings should receive at least $15.00 an hour, that must also include employers.  Frankly, I know a lot of business owners who would be delighted to make that much.  Given that most of them work 70-90 hours a week, they'd be knockin’ down some jing!  (Translation: they’d be makin' some bank!)

Now I hear some of you saying that $100/hour is too much, and such a wage really WILL bankrupt businesses.

Bully for you!  There is at least a smidgen of intellect there.  So if $100/hour will break a business, then there must be truth to the principle that you can’t get more out of something than you put in.  We are in agreement on that principle!  We’re still off a bit on the numbers, but we agree on the principle.  So somewhere on the scale between $15.00 and $100.00, there is a point at which the exhaust exceeds the intake.  Come on, now.  I know you aren’t ALL professors.  If 15 is okay, but 100 isn’t, how about 99?  Or 89?  Or 49?  Where is the point of fulcrum where the teeter-totter tips from solvency to bankruptcy?

I submit that it is different for every business.  Some might be able to sustain the higher number, but I assure you, some will perish at the lower number.  Some were sucking wind at 6!  You think the government is all-knowing, and can, by some magic, arrive at a number that will be universally survivable.  Now, I don’t know how many businesses there are in America, but there has to be in the hundreds of thousands.  That’s a lot to keep track of.

And you are saying this can be done by an institution and a mob that went broke selling liquor in a whore house - people who are of such staggering intellectual incapacity that avocados look down on them - by the Pelosis, who say America doesn’t have a spending problem - by the Reids, who say you can protect your house by firing blindly into the night and maybe killing  a kid on the next block – by the Obamas who think the Navy medical personnel who serve the Marine Corps are called, “corpsemen.”  These people should not be trusted with burnt out matches.

The idea that an anointed class of educated Special Ones can manage all of society’s issues by application of their superior intellect is at the heart and soul of all fascist doctrine.

Think about this.  Let’s look at a single McDonald’s outlet.  That business receives money (called “income”) from its customers.  It exchanges products for that money.  In order to have products to exchange, the outlet must first bring those products inside its walls.  A short list of those products would be overwhelming:  meat, grease, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, sesame buns, onion buns, plain buns, salt, pepper, garlic, ranch dressing, thousand island dressing, ketchup, mustard, relish, honey mustard, knives, forks, spoons, those crazy implements they give you with McFlurrys, ice cream mix, vanilla flavoring, chocolate flavoring, hand soap, dish soap, disinfectant, register tape, registers, pens, paper, teeny cups, bigger cups, still bigger cups, humongous cups (void where prohibited by idiocy)… Every single item must come to this store from some source, and those sources are other businesses that have employees, and some of them have extremely complex machinery.  And let’s not forget the truckers and railroad men who schlep all this stuff around the world.

In every one of those businesses, there is an endless list of supplies and equipment.  Oh, and we haven’t even started talking about utilities and insurance and government extortion… I mean, license fees.  And TAXES! Let’s say, just to deal in even numbers – and number that are manageable – that the McDonald’s where we started uses 5,000 different commodities.

Every one of those comes from another business, so that’s 5,000 businesses.  But even those businesses can’t ship something they don’t have, so they must also have STUFF.  Let’s say each of those businesses uses 5,000 commodities.

5,000 times 5,000 is not 25 thousand.  It is 25 million.  And each of those businesses will use 5,000 commodities. 5 thousand times 25 million is 125 billion.  Oh, and did I mention that a lot of stuff like the machinery, the plastic forks and cups, aren’t even made in this country?

And this is just a single McDonald’s.  The same is true of everything in our lives – our clothes, food, cars, tools, medicine… EVERYTHING!  That’s billions of billons of transactions.

It goes on and on, but hopefully, you will get the point.  It’s an incomprehensibly complex chain of cause and effect, of supply and demand, and every bloody one of those commodities and businesses has employees and a ledger of income and expenses, and a lot of them aren’t even subject to our laws, in the first place.  And you people think your anointed ones can manage that equation?  Yeah, I guess you do.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t have a near majority of our neighbors who believe this friggin’ insanity. Only teachers and professors can wreak this kind of destruction on the human mind.  I’m serious!  What in the name of all that is holy could possibly make a normal, functioning human mind invent, accept, and then profess such patent excrement?

It is insanity.  It has been tried before, and as a historian, I can give you a guided tour of the rivers of blood and the mountains of festering corpses that have resulted from it.  We are no different, or better, or smarter than all of those tortured wretches who tried it before us. We are doing the same things that have been done before, and expecting different results.

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