Monday, April 8, 2013


To Senator Tom Udall (F-NM) and Senator Martin Heinrich (F-NM)

Senator, I have question for you.  Just how will "universal background checks" work?  How can such a law be implemented?

I submit that you can not know if a gun has changed hands unless you know who had it originally and who has it now.  To achieve the first, you will have to register every gun in the United States.  To achieve  the second, you will have to grant government authority - presumably to the BATF or DHS - to do unannounced searches of the homes of every gunowner.

No?  Well then, how in hell do you propose to know when I have sold a gun?  And what if I don't tell you to whom I sold it?  The only way you can find that gun is to search every house in the nation.

Think about just  how laws will be enforced, and that will imply for our liberties and the lives of every man or woman you send to enforce such laws.

Sic semper,

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