Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Lunatic-in-chief

28 Jan, 2010

Last night, we listened to President Obama’s 2010 State of the Union address. At the time, I was stunned and, apart from the odd expletive, speechless.

Today, after thinking about it for a few hours, I have found my voice. We heard a full hour of the prating of a madman, and I will not flinch from calling him that. The man is crazy as a pet coon, but not nearly as endearing.

Over and over, he mentioned bipartisanship, and condemned it as being unproductive. He called those who have criticized him “petty.” He implied repeatedly that the only reason anyone disagreed with him was because they were a Republican. He criticized conservative talk radio and TV. He openly criticized the Supreme Court, and pretty much declared war on it. He accused the justices of undoing 100 years of progress, presumably referring to the establishment of the mongrel, bastard, statist model that has gotten us where we are today. We witnessed one of the justices of the Supreme Court, Sam Alito, shaking his head and telling the President of the United States, on live TV, in the chamber of the Congress, that he was wrong! How out of control is that?

Near the end of his speech, he called on Congress to join him in doing what was right for the children of America, whether or not it is what the parents of those children want. In other words, the president of the United States, on live, world-wide television, declared war on the opinions and desires of the American people. The government will do what’s best for your children. You sit down and shut up. The Congress gave him a standing ovation.

Very early in his speech, he said that a lot of Americans were mad at Washington for not being able to fix their problems. That’s probably true, because we have a hell of a lot of welfare looters and parasites and blood suckers in this country, and most of them just love the lunatic-in-chief who promises them the blood of their betters. However, Obama seemed totally unaware of the premise upon which this statement was based. That premise is the fundamental fallacy that we are all sitting out here waiting for Washington to take care of us. Nothing could be further from the truth!

A majority of Americans understand that Washington is the cause of most of our problems! We don’t want Washington to fix our problems; we want Washington to get the bloody hell out of the way, leave us the hell alone, and let us fix the problems, ourselves! The man can’t grasp that. He is intellectually and emotionally unable to grasp the fact that neither his race, party affiliation, ethnic/cultural background, nor any other superficial feature is what makes me despise him. I despise him because he is a statist tyrant, and the only things keeping him from being a mass murderer of his own countrymen are (1) the Constitution, in tatters though it might be, (2) time, and (3) about umpteen million of us sitting out here on a very large mountain of rifles and ammunition.

Barack Obama truly believes the crap he’s been advocating. He really, truly believes that he knows best what we need. He truly believes that no reasonable man could ever disagree with him. He truly believes that he has a mission to drive this republic in a direction that almost none of its citizens approves.

The man is mad. Stark, raving mad. He is as delusional as was Adolf Hitler, and, if you look at his theories, he’s every bit as savage and dangerous. He wants to make his mark on the world. So did Hitler, and he did. It wasn’t a very happy mark, but, by golly, he made it!

This man is very, very dangerous, but he’s not the most dangerous force in America. Even in collusion with Pelosi, Reid, and that set of execrable vermin, he’s not the most dangerous force in America. Even in collusion with the drooling, tyrant-worshipping news media, he’s not the most dangerous force in America. No, that honor goes to a very large segment of the American population.

We have, on the streets of this great nation, people who actually approve of Barack Obama! They still, after all that’s happened, think that moron is doing a good job! Those people, with their votes and their financial contributions, are far more dangerous than Obama. If Obama were taken from us tonight, the danger would not be gone because those people would still be out there.

Every time I see an Obama bumper sticker, I involuntarily wonder if the driver is a racist, a fascist, or an idiot. Those are the three categories of people to whom Obama appealed during the campaign, and those are the people who put him in power. Those people are still out there, doing all they can for him, whatever their motives.

And even if we were rid of Obama, they’d still be there, festering in our midst. So what do we do about them? Nothing. That’s right, not a flippin’ thing. Why? Because this is still a free country! We aren’t them! We don’t threaten or intimidate those who disagree with us – unless of course, they come after us, then that’s a whole ‘nother deal! Those people have a right to think what they want and vote for whomever they want to vote for, and we must never do anything to interfere with that, tempting as it may be. If the rights of any citizen are threatened, the rights of all citizens are threatened. The principles that disenfranchise one man may be used to disenfranchise any man.

What we must do is beat them at their own game. We must find candidates who have some moral fiber and a grasp of the nature of a free republic, and we must vote for them. We outnumber the idiots, so we can vote this current pack of scum out of office, and the idiots who put them there can’t do a thing about it. If they try…. well, that’s another story too.

But make no mistake: Barack Obama is a madman, and in combination with the Congress and the media, is a very dangerous madman. Let’s get him and his spawn out of power and see if we can salvage this nation.

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